I'm a multidisciplinary designer, photographer and musician from the Pacific Northwest.

I thrive on smaller teams where I can wear multiple hats and work closely with different disciplines.

My strengths are in collaboration, finding paths without a map and picking up new skills. These traits have allowed me to work in several different domains and bring valuable perspective and ideas to whatever project I'm working on.

Beyond the designer title, I'm a creative generalist. I enjoy working with different mediums and in different industries. I'm comfortable leading other creatives and enjoy helping others develop and find their strengths.


My journey started in music, playing in bands and learning to create different types media to support the artists around me. After studying communication and advertising in school, I pursued this route professionally.

Over the last decade, I've had the opportunity to work with non-profits, record labels, tech, gaming and recently, clean tech clients. I'm currently open to full time roles on the right team, or contracting on specific projects.

Work History

Web & Visual Designer
2021 - Current
2010 - Current
UX / Product Designer
2022 - 2023
Creative Producer / Designer
Resurrection Church
2014 - 2021
Web & Visual Designer
2010 - 2014